Our success makes us socially responsible. We believe in realising that responsibility to the fullest. Helmed by Mrs. Pramila Bansal, wife of Sri Naresh Kumar Bansal (Group Chairman) is trying their best to contribute in causes that have a social impact. She is the Charter President of Inner Wheel Club of Siliguri Uttarayon and has been associated with various social activities around the town.

She has adopted a school “Shishu Sikha Kendra Vidyalaya” and has organised workshops for over 200 underprivileged children. She has arranged a lot of fund raising programmes in recent past so that she can offer the underprivileged a better future. In schools with dire need of regular amenities she has provided toilets, benches, chairs, mid day meals. She believes in giving children better prospects as they are the makers of our tomorrow.

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